Beautiful Mammoth Lakes

Top 8 Things to Do in Mammoth Lakes

For lovers of nature and outdoor beauty, Mammoth Lakes is the place to be with endless activities for all to enjoy.

Mammoth Lakes Forest

Whether you like going on long hikes, dirt biking, quad riding or fishing in the summer/fall, or enjoying some of the best skiing in the world at Mammoth Mountain during winter/spring.

Mammoth Mountain Skiing

Come to Mammoth Lakes where you can soak up a bevy of local activities and making Mammoth Lakes feel like home for the duration of your stay.


One of the most beautiful parts of the San Joaquin River, Rainbow Falls is a photographer’s dream. It’s the highest waterfall of the Middle Fork portion of the river and plunges about 100 feet to the turbulent waters below.


Known for its basalt columns, the devil’s postpile protects this national monument which encompasses nearly 800 acres. The monument is located within the borders of the Ansel Adams Wilderness.

This area is accessible by foot too! It can be reached on a hike over Mammoth Pass and Reds Mountain Valley.


Located near June Lake, Obsidian Dome is a natural dome that was created out of lava which solidified into obsidian. One of the true highlights of the Inyo National Forest.


Looking for ample fishing, and hiking trails, check out the area around Convict Lake. It might sound like an intimidating name, but don’t worry it’s merely a little ironic given the tranquility of the water.


A scenic mountain pass nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Minaret Summit has some picturesque views that adventurers love to cherish. The pass sits at an elevation of more than 9,000 feet, making it a common place for excessive snowfall. The roads leading in and out often close from Thanksgiving through Memorial Day.


This famous waterway starts at Mammoth Creek and is an outflow of Twin Lakes. It’s name is ironic as the water temperature is seldom above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. There are numerous hot springs in the area that feel great on the body after hiking in the summertime.


The largest of the Mammoth Lakes, Lake Mary is a popular fishing spot as well as a great location for boating and motorsports.


Founded in 1995, Mammoth Brewing Company is a great place to stop in for a cold one. No matter what activities you’re doing in the Mammoth Lakes area, you’ll love a tasty pint with family or friends.

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