About Us

About Pacific Edge Real Estate

– We believe that quality of design matters –

Pacific Edge Real Estate is passionate about bringing architectural design to the city of Los Angeles. Founder Lawrence Lazar, has always had an interest in architecture and development. Since founding Pacific Edge Real Estate in 1991, Lawrence and his team have completed over 60 development projects in the Los Angeles area, ranging from condominiums, apartments, and office buildings to high-end single-family homes and mixed-use projects.

What sets Pacific Edge Real Estate apart is their commitment to finding the absolute perfect design to suit the specific needs of each project. The city of Los Angeles presents unique challenges and opportunities, and Pacific Edge is dedicated to finding creative solutions to turn each project into a functional work of art. 


Our Team

Lawrence Lazar

Founder and a California licensed real estate broker, has over 20 years of real estate development experience.

Grace De Leon

The company’s controller, oversees property management and operations.

Shawn Maley

A California licensed general contractor oversees all construction management.

Dixon Chang
Lead Designer

The lead designer on all development projects with over 35 years of architectural design experience.

Architecture is the constant fight between man and nature, the fight to overwhelm nature, to possess it. The first act of architecture is to put a stone on the ground. That act transforms a condition of nature into a condition of culture; it’s a holy act.
Architect Mario Botta
Mario Botta